Thursday, 2 June 2016

My heart dances - (the el dorado version)

what a funny, strange, delightful 24 hours ..  summed up by this pic ... 

Cheery Kurt and I boarded the plane to Venice, our seats were not next to eacother, despite checking in together, and I was seated next to the most delightful and interesting gent and his wife. Giovanni owns his own legal practice that specialises in patent designs, licensing and trademarks within Europe, with offices across the world, as a result he spends a few months a year in Italy, then Spain, Germany etc ..  he and Maria- Louisa were so generous sharing tales and their loves of each country, and making sure I was going to be okay in Venice, giving me tips to get me from the airport, the things I should see, and giving me his details incase I every got stuck, or wanted a job, which was gorgeous, and gave my mind a break from swirling thoughts, it made me get re-inspired about 'my pretty box'.

The journey took longer than expected, and it was late by the time we checked in, Kurt went to 'freshen up' in the anticipation of meeting a gorgeous Italian.

We headed out, and had the most amazing dinner, which enabled me to show the cheery one some some key destinations, and how the islands all link and work, the taxi system etc ..  I had forgotten how so beautiful and romantic Venice is, I had also forgotten how crowded it gets.

More than that, I had forgotton how so generous in spirit, warm, expressive, and giving of feelings, Italians are.  How everyone seems to want to bring joy, and please, how everything seems like a genuine pleasure, how everything seems to come from a place of such goodness and happiness, how everything feels musical.  It is such a feel good place, and has warmed my heart.

We met a great group of people at a bar later, 2 italians and a girl from mexico, and headed for the casino.

After a couple of rounds of texas hold em ... I decided to head back to the hotel, and leave the cheery one, to add to, and signoff on his bucket list.

I had the best night sleep, I have had for literally years.  My bed could not have been more comfortable (the most comfortable bed, I have possibly ever slept in), I had reconnected with someone now very important to me, sooo happy about being in Italy, the most wonderful meal for a month, and helping to create and share a memory for someones bucket list...  sated.

I awoke this morning, and Kurt the Cheery was not in his room, brilliant news... (he ticked his bucket list).

So I headed out to enjoy the day, with happiness in my heart, and it was bloody joyous ... I have been here twice before, but never ever appreciated it, or experienced it like I have in the last 24 hours.  Maybe it is el Camino, maybe it is because I am older, maybe it is because I finally am starting to feel, like I can give myself up and over to things, and when you do that something deeper happens.

Venice in song ...  aahh Italia   aahhh italia # 2  Music Piazza   

About to now join Kurt for dinner, he heads back to the States tomorrow, and I head to meet the Sheikh, in Abu Dhabi.

The next 24 hours, I know, will be bloomin' crazy.

Italy, Venice, Jose - thank you .... for so very very very many reasons ...

For making my heart dance ...

Water Taxi to airport (Venice) incls Marco Polos house 
Speed boat Venice
Water Taxi to airport (open water Venice)


* Maximilien ... thank you for acceptance, for silliness, for surprises, for trust ... you are the greatest being, with the greatest bones ...

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