Monday, 14 November 2011

CBT's London Life - Update # 10 - Where the gloss comes off a little

oh my ... what a week or so in London ... sadly yesterday morning, I was attacked as I lay in bed (7.30 broad daylight)... now before the panic ..  I am okay ...bit bruised and not the most pleasant experience to say the least .. but it has certainly shaken me and lets just say that 'my london high gloss shine' is now sadly mat ..

I also had camera, blackberry, phone etc pinched so apologies if you have been in contact and I have not responded... I will as soon as 'service is restored', that is the last I really want to talk about the matter ta ... as I am sure can be appreciated I am a bit tired of answering questions about it at the moment ... it had been a great week till that point though ...  and there were some funny moments throughout ... like me standing in the hall with about 6 policeman and this very well to do lady barging through the door wanting to look at the handrail on my stairs, because her builder said that she might like it, and asking my opinion on the rail and colour of paints I think would go with it, completely not noticing anything ...  we all just looked at eachother dumbfounded .... and burst out laughing ... now for slightly more cheery stuff ...

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bring back Mohammed !?

Gutted about the Harrods Christmas windows this year, they are pretty all bling bling (Crystal Christmas inspired by Swarovski) ....  but the joy of past windows was following the story .... Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz etc ... bring back Mohammed ... !