Monday, 31 October 2011

CBT's London Life - Random update #9

Never have I had to do sooo much personal admin ...  for those of you that may be unaware ... personal admin and I are not friends ...  it is quite possible I am actually allergic to it ....

been a funny couple of weeks, (planning the 'trip' does not allow for much time for me to live the good old high life of the last few weeks) ... aside from vaccinations, visas, hotels etc ... I have only managed to get in a couple of things of note....discovered the cutest theatre Rosemary Branch Theatre a little pub theatre between Angel and Shoreditch ... yes yes it's true I ventured further afield ... 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Twitterlike - the blogs gone bloody viral !!

Lordy lordy ...  one of my favourite blog things is the stats page (you can't see it) ... but in the last two days my little blog has been read in Germany, UK, the States, Australia, Japan, South Africa, France, Greece and today .....  I add Chile to the list ......  (uh oh bit worried about culture shocks) until then... hola, hallo, こんにちは, γειά σου, bonjour ... and welcome !!

CBT - x

Twitterlike blog ! - Where are you going !?

since the last update I have loads of requests about where I am heading to .. this is a short one to let you know the first leg of trip - Buenos Aires - Rio - Panama - Costa Rica - Guatemala - Mexico - Cuba - New York - Vegas - San Fran - LA

back soon CBT

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Oh those tricky Norwegians and their photoshop !

one of things I have always wanted to do was visit the Northern Lights on of the things on my 'Bucket List' ...  just discovered that ....  anyway ....I recently added another year ...  and as I am now heading back to Australia ... I kinda thought better to travel to Norway from the UK .... so 4 of us headed off ... me because of my lights fascination ... them .... well errr just they are great.... so trip planned as follows fly to Bergen - Oslo - Tromso  ....  did I see the lights .....  mmmm read on !

Saturday, 22 October 2011

CBTs London Life Update # 8 - uh oh did I say home !*?

so excited to be blogging !!  Lets see how long the novelty lasts eh !  Over the last few weeks I have been emailing my London Life updates .... now updates will appear here ...

oooh gotta stretch the brain cells to remember where I am up to...  it starts with a brilliant weekend a couple of weeks ago with a wonderful friend who visited London, and loves and indulges in it just as much as me ..

Started with cocktails at the Mayfair Hotel (we always seem to have cocktails) then off to see Naked Boys Singing (WTF ?! I hear you say, surely not) yep ... and it was bloomin' hilarious .... !