Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Take me to church .. (thank you Hozier)

I heard that song just after I left the pilgrims mass yesterday in Santiago, whilst I have heard it many times, it was the first time I really heard, and actually listened to the lyrics ... mmmmm

I woke in the beautiful converted monastery after another night of very little sleep, and went to the pilgrims mass at the Cathedral, it was truly moving, the cathedral is spectacular, the service was deeply impactful, the sight of people from over the world, having completed the same journey, understanding challenges overcome, people embracing, just sharing a look, squeezing a hand, just knowing.

Pilgrims mass

I checked out of the monastery hotel, I actually felt a little funny staying there, odd, and into a new one on the main plaza, where to my delight the welcome pilgrim bagpipes could be heard, which was lovely, as I took the longest bath in ages, I had forgotten what smelling so clean was like, infact I had forgotten what I smelt like !%$!

Welcome bagpipes from hotel

I thought alot in that bath, about the moments that have meant the most, the service, the people along the way, I mainly thought about the impact that a six hour conversation had on me, on my list night of my camino, which was totally unexpected, and has consumed my thinking since.  Its funny how the magic of beautiful words, stories and song (even in its simplest form) can take over ones thoughts.

Magic in simplicity

I will miss this place.


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