Thursday, 9 June 2016

it's a whole new world ... (the aladdin version) .. I was in the middle east you know

it feels like a whirlwind week, even though I have been grounded, with even a few nights in the same bed, a week has passed since camino, and people ask, has it changed me.

i feel different, and more emotionally aware, I feel like I am seeing things and experiencing things more deeply than I have before, like the song, a dazzling place I never knew.

is this camino, is it meeting new friends, is it being back after a break?  My head is confused, and yet also so clear.

a wonderful couple of days with the good Sheikh, join a harem?  tempted ...

time in Sydney catching up with friends, and where I found the greatest joy in the simplest things, a song I hear, a busker, a trip to the supermarket, doing my laundry, what is happening?

heading to Borneo now, then to Bali.

more to follow

take care and just enjoy the now.

a friend shared this, and said it reminds them of mystery and discovery, and what is a life lived without mystery and discovery? How so true, it touched a nerve ... mystic

kisses CBT - x

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