Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Bright lights gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire ...

Viva Las Vegas ... now I know I moaned about Niagara being a bit tacky ... and I am sure you are probably thinking ..  why are you going to Vegas then ?! Fair point ...  but it is about expectations ...  I expect Vegas to be tacky ... oh ... and how it is ..  tacky and grand and fabulous ...(Strip pictures) (strip video)

Came to Vegas for New Year and met up with friends, stayed at the MGM, (love their twitter wall at reception) in a completely ridiculous suite with two bedrooms, both of which had 2 king size beds (not quite sure how I ended up there), but it had great views ...  now a bit like Rio ...  Vegas is a bit of a blur ... roulette, black jack and a poker tournament the first night (texas hold em) I used to be alright, but it was fairly evident that I am out of practice, not to mention I lose patience (pardon the pun) very quickly, and after a few, start gibbering away to anyone and forget to read signals ... hey ho brilliant night anyway.. (MGM pics)

New Years Eve ...  mmmm well I remember going to see the early evening show of KA (Cirque du Soleil) seeing Cirque shows is a big favourite of mine, seeing them and KA in Vegas was something else, drinks at one of the cocktail lounges, I vaguely remember going to Studio 54 (only because one of the guys I was with is obsessed with Pamela Anderson and she was there), I vaguely remember walking up the strip and it being chaotic, I do not remember seeing the fireworks although I was there, but I do remember thinking how terribly noisy they were.  I don't remember taking some of the pics that I did, that have now been deleted.... another great night ..

Aside from that, wandering the strip was brilliant especially the day / night contrast, Bellagio fountains (watch the vid of the dance) spectacular   ... witnessed a wedding on the strip in a shop window .. very Vegas, very odd, even odder I cried because I was so happy for them, WTF is wrong with me !?! and then without me knowing, the guys purchased Copperfield tickets ages ago and did not tell me ...(I am not organised enough to do something like that in advance) ...  it was phenomenal, I was blown away, not just by the illusions (and his voice), but how personable, engaging, charismatic and hilariously funny he was, the show was really interactive which was another bonus... Definite Vegas highlight ...  thanks guys ...

Up early tomorrow ...  Hoover / Grand Canyon and then back to London for a few days before Asia ...

Happy New Year y'all

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