Sunday, 1 January 2012

had to get out of Niagara .. my faith in Canada restored..

I only had 2.5 days in Canada, and only came to see the falls.. I am soooo gutted and sooo over Niagara falls, (yet very restricted due to flights).. but I have to get out.. so, I hire a car and drive to Niagara on the lake, which is lovely.

This is what actually made the trip to Canada, rather than the falls. 

Niagara on the lake is a beautiful old fashioned quaint town, where it feels time has stood still, almost little house on the prairie kind of feel to it.  Stopped at a couple of wineries (never knew such a big industry here), and sampled ‘world famous ice wine’, grapes get picked and crushed in sub zero temperatures and you need 30 times the grapes than is required for 1 bottle of normal wine, super super sweet .. and speaking of sweet, the cutest starbucks and yummiest treat shop I have ever seen ! 

Glad I left the falls..

check here for pics ... Yummy treat shop, Niagara on the lake and surrounds

Look out Vegas ….  I’m on my way …  and very glad !!
CBT - x

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