Saturday, 10 December 2011

La Boca – Bombonera – Boca Jnrs – Caminito

So on my little tour of the city, we passed through La Boca and Caminito, (home of Boca Jnrs) driver said never past 5, especially alone and female…. Oooh that sounds right up my alley so 5pm, off I trotted…

This place is amazing, it is the home of Boca Jnrs yet is the poorest part of Buenos Aires, in Caminito the homes are all vivid colours, the immigrants that arrived here could not afford paint so used to go down to the docks and beg for paint from the guys that worked the docks, they wanted anything to cover the sheet iron and wood that they made their homes from, often this would be a little pot of this and a little pot of that, overtime it grew into a range of colours, an artist then stumbled across the vividly coloured homes and encouraged and worked with them to be a little more creative.  Right next to the stadium the houses are all painted yellow and blue the colours of Boca Jnrs, which are the colours of the Swedish flag, representing the ship from the country that was the first to sail into port. Gotta also mention Coke sponsor Boca Jnrs but as River Plate (fiercest competitor) are red and white Coke and Boca have an agreement that everything is supplied black and white, the only sponsorship deal they do that with… (Apparently).
Wandered the streets, took a few snaps … click here to see Boca Jnrs and Caminito       finished the night at the most amazing tango place, a real local place that only holds about 20 people, for 50 pesos the locals dance and show you a few moves (dirty and proper) too much sugarcane something to drink, slices of chorizo (I think) …  I have no idea as I cannot speak Spanish ..  and the locals in the place giggling at me ‘gringo’ raising glasses and having a sing a long …  brilliant day 1.
BTW still hating touch phone, now cannot take night pictures ggrrr

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