Thursday, 8 December 2011

so goodbye yellow brick road...

...where the dogs of society howl ! you can´t plant me in your penthouse, I´m going back to my plough.

Posting this as I sip iced tea in Buenos Aires !  Hola ...

Before I update on the ´road trip´ though, I must sign out of London .... (keeping this brief about to head to Tigre)!  The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of farewells, emotion and mmmm you guessed it champagne and cocktails and funnily enough champagne cocktails !

aside from all the bits you have to do when leaving your current life, not to mention the time still being consumed by the police stuff, the last couple of weeks have been full of debauchery ... of which I have no regrets.... read on !

Uber funny night with friends in Belgravia after one too many we spent hours hysterical at the Jeroboams Christmas windows, (I know this is meant to be art and I should have taken it more seriously), anyway, move over Harrods and Selfridges these are the best ... although slightly un PC. For example whilst the story is based on the 12 days of Christmas, 8 maids a milking sees 8 young ladies breastfeeding baby lambs ... strange yet true .. I think there maybe something wrong with my humor.

Fab cocktail party farewell night at the Langham, and a wonderful farewell dinner at the Ledbury (I am now rating this as the best UK restaurant, even ahead of Petrus, Witchery and Fat Duck) ... every foodie MUST go ... helps that the chef is Aussie so is obviously brilliant.

Delightful high tea at Hyatt Churchill (but why no cucumber sandwiches?!)

2 x cocktail nights at Bar 190 Queensgate ..  I have now been so often I was invited to their staff Christmas party ... oh my ....

Fabulous evening at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, a friend passed on tickets for a charity event before the actual opening and it was brilliant to spend it with someone who has become a dear friend, we also popped into the Erotica show, where I purchased a Hollywood tattoo kit ...  it is my back up plan ... apply fake tatts to travellers on the beach in Bali for $20 a pop ... (hoping I can retire on it) .. !!

Drinks at PURL (of course) followed by the festivities of turning on the Marylebone Christmas lights, followed by breakfast in the morning at Providores..... remember the changa eggs.

Champagne cocktails at Texture and Number 10 (manchester street not the big dudes house)..

An amazing surprise spa day at Corinthia Hotel London, possibly the best UK spa experience (thanks) .. followed by cocktails and dinner at Colony, close to home which made for a nice stagger ..

My night in Edinburgh at the Grassmarket ... thanks guys - x - that meant alot.  As did cocktails intimate at 1812.

My last night with a Kiwi (who I have also grown fond of) followed by surprise drinks with friends .. (I was already tipsy) apparantley I was late ... listen guys ... you cannot be late to something you don´t know about ... seriously when will people learn .... :-) thanks though ... even for the sore head fred the next day ...

Not a bad way to leave it all ....  god I miss it already ...

Thank you everyone that made it so brilliant - x

Adios ... next update Argentina


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