Saturday, 10 December 2011

Yee hah gaucho …. Pampa Opera

Hilarious night at Pampa Opera, now I can’t get the camera to take night pics, I did get some good videos but cannot yet work out how to upload and link ..(oh how I am ageing) until then you can get an idea of the show from the video on their home page ..  click here ... Pampa 

It is an equestrian show, combined with dance and music that tells the story of Buenos Aires . There are over 50 artists and horses, and it was seriously one of the most breath-taking shows I have ever seen, fights, horses falling over (all staged).. etc .. gobsmacking.. 

the night starts where you enter the biggest barn I have ever seen, fed champers and some pastry thing, and then herded out to watch the show, post show back to the barn, to the most massive barbeques in big steel drums where pig and cow is being cooked to perfection. I ended up meeting the funniest folk from Mumbai who were passing through to Antarctica, blissful night…  the cow just kept coming (much to the shame of the guys from Mumbai) who stuck to some chicken thing (that I reckon was fish) and carrot salad.  We were hysterical at their cow protests, me eating enough cow for 10 and then actually grunting like one, waaay too much champagne, pretending it was my birthday for a free extra bottle, engaging them in a Dolly Parton sing a long, whilst us all attempting to line dance.  That night I was glad I no comprendo Spanish, I hate to think what the others were thinking, and they sure did not have as much fun as us.

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