Monday, 14 November 2011

CBT's London Life - Update # 10 - Where the gloss comes off a little

oh my ... what a week or so in London ... sadly yesterday morning, I was attacked as I lay in bed (7.30 broad daylight)... now before the panic ..  I am okay ...bit bruised and not the most pleasant experience to say the least .. but it has certainly shaken me and lets just say that 'my london high gloss shine' is now sadly mat ..

I also had camera, blackberry, phone etc pinched so apologies if you have been in contact and I have not responded... I will as soon as 'service is restored', that is the last I really want to talk about the matter ta ... as I am sure can be appreciated I am a bit tired of answering questions about it at the moment ... it had been a great week till that point though ...  and there were some funny moments throughout ... like me standing in the hall with about 6 policeman and this very well to do lady barging through the door wanting to look at the handrail on my stairs, because her builder said that she might like it, and asking my opinion on the rail and colour of paints I think would go with it, completely not noticing anything ...  we all just looked at eachother dumbfounded .... and burst out laughing ... now for slightly more cheery stuff ...

I had to prove to myself if my massage parlour was really Thai prosititues, so I convinced a friend to come with me for a massage, I like normal, am quickly ushered into the room upstairs and he gets to choose his masseuse and is led downstairs ...  confirmed ... he was offered 'extras' in a not so subtle non-verbal way, and while I continued to enjoy my massage he removed himself from the building and waited outside.  After much convincing from a few folk following this tale about the hygeine of the place, my massage friend and I popped along to the relatively new Chuan Spa at the Langham.  The very attractive male masseuse and I start having a chat about how long the spa has been open, how long has he worked there, does he like his role etc ... to which he replied 'it is a real privilidge, naked people are extremely vulnerable, I have my hands all over them, I am literrally rubbing every part of their body' ... now this is all happening as he is doing it to me ... suffice to say it all got too much for me ... I felt like I was visiting for favours other than the massage ..  I am going back to my Thai friends ..  (it is relatively clean).

Over to Paris ... oh how I love Paris, to say adios to a friend and get some final snaps of paris, (sadly lost with camera) .. had a great day ...  did the the old favourite lunch on the Seine, (I did not know, but the same boat company that does the Seine also does Thames, sorry London but me thinks Paris may be marginally better) Sacre Couer (Montmarte) for brekky where I ordered my favourite Croque Madame (the place at the base of the Sacre Coeur does the best) ....followed by a great stomp through Bacteria Alley .... I wish over the last few years I had taken greater advantage of the proximity.  Still time ....

Weekend fry up at Providores while my friend had Changa eggs (secret pleasure), cuppa and cake and Le Fromagerie geez I am spoilt and ice skating at the National History Museum .... mmmmm fair to say I cannot skate ... now I thought this would be great prep for my private night at Somserset ... my knee was hurt yesterday so cannot go anyone ... probably a blessing in disguise ...  as we walked in we giggled at this poor kid who was all over the place wobbling about ... so mean .. at least he got around a few times ... whilst my friend mastered it in minutes I just clung on, wobbled about and I think managed 2 laps holding onto the fence the whole time in 50 minutes ....  last time I had skate was on the Eiffel Tower ... I am sure I was better then ...

Had a great adios with some friends who surprised me by taking me to a place called 'the pale blue door' ... it was a resturaunt in this guys house, who is an artist and you have this very surreal almost dark fairytale experience where you honestly feel like alice in wonderland, strange settings, characters serving you, the food was nice ... the night ... phenomenal ..  thanks :-)

I have been asked by a few folk about my top 10 London things ... sooooo hard ... but I am gonna have a stab at restaraunts, bars and attractions and will try and pop em on here next week.

Marylebone lights Wednesday night ....  will be sooooooo very pretty.

3 weeks till I head off to Buenos Aires, my how the time has flown ...

Stay safe - lock your doors and windows

CBT - x


  1. Oh my goodness...hope you're ok CBT, much love, Annie xx

  2. You could not skate in Paris