Sunday, 29 May 2016

This time tomorrow ... Santiago ... (someone should write a song about that)

after a moody and sooky la la day two days ago, I got a very simple, but much needed ... put things into perspective from a 'Pink Charlie', which made me pull up and see reality ...  so whilst my last couple of days have been emotional, they have also been  more rational ....  I am definitely becoming less up tight and more relaxed doing this ...and less selfish.

crossed through from Arzua to Rua, (melide prior), I am now addicted to boiled octopus, the veggies are still lacking, but at least I feel less carb bloated.  The stay last night, was in a little village hotel with 15 rooms, of the 15 rooms, new found friends were in 6, + cheery Kurt and I with a room each, (we are walking together on and off, but we are booked into the same accomodation now through to Santiago).

It is funny how you dont see people for days, and then everyone collides.  The six included JP, and Michael the annoying Australian.  A night of sharing tales and what it has meant to us all, and how we plan on spending the next couple of days.

The way is a funny thing, no-one judges, no-one cares how old you are, what you do, what you look like, what you where, everyone is a complete equal, you kind of give yourself up to just being there for others, it was funny when we got onto a conversation about what we were carrying in our packs, most people are actually now carrying more for others, than for themselves.  It is also funny how it now seems so normal to just take someones foot, rub someones leg, pop strangers blisters, peel someones socks off, as you see them sitting with shoes off, offering and accepting now has become a norm, like offering to take a photo, (although cheery Kurt told me lastnight unless I addressed my ... 'here comes mr hairy legs', foot and shin rubs would become a thing of the past).

We walked today with a lovely Hungarian guy, whose walking partner died earlier this week while asleep in an albergue, he decided to continue, very heart warming.  (the movie the way became very real). The 'heart' brave stories you find along the way are inspirational, like blind Jamie who we also met today, completely blind and reliant on other pilgrims to guide him to Santiago, so extraordinarily courageous, both physically but more from a trust of others perspective.

I have decided to head back to Sydney for a while, I don't think what I wanted to do back in Australia is done yet, sharing thoughts with others helps brings such clarity.

One of the things, I know I need to do better, which I realised early on, and am now committed to, is staying in better contact with those that are dear to me, those that really matter, and I have been slack, I have been reconnecting with a lot of folk, funnily enough a lot through sharing these updates and looking forward to catching up with some of you over the next fornight.

This time tomorrow Santiago ...  then Kurt and I have decided to do a couple of days in Venice, before he heads back to the States ...

24 hours to go ....  20km .... 8 hours walking ...

x - be kind

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