Thursday, 26 May 2016

In the words of Pete Murray - I've seen better days!

*FYI - Non Australians, Pete Murray is an Australia singer songwriter

First observation of the day ...  now we are out of Sarria, the amount of people walking has increased significantly, (especially folk from Australia and States), the first part I found mainly European. 

Well life is a rollercoaster and the Camino is certainly that, from my day on a high yesterday, I bottomed out today, big time.  I actually woke up cranky, and it just felt like it got worse, it pelted down all day, and the weather is freezing, my feet are soaked through, (it reminds me of the night Max took me on that overnight walk in the Blue Mountains) and despite me meeting cheery Kurt the yank over breakfast, and walking with him, I could not muster a giggle, I must have been absolutely shocking company, he was very sweet and and when we arrived here (tonights accomodation), he even said he was looking forward to seeing me later for a mutual foot rub and dinner (I have found this a common thing on 'the way'), and that he had not noticed my mood !*!&%  lies ...

18km Sarria to Portomarin, I should have enjoyed it more than I did, beautiful churches, bridges, architectue , cute villages, cheery and wonderfully warm Kurt, grade stated as 4, but felt so much easier, I would have said a 2 or a 3, but I didn't enjoy any of it. I guess it can't all be good.

As I write this I am trying to think of something that made me smile.  Kurt and I arrived in the Village of Portomarin (most accommodation is right on 'the way') and we get a bit lost looking for where we are staying (total coincidence we are in the same place), we stop in at a 'farmacia' and the girl serving says, 'it is far, maybe I can call you a taxi' ... how far? I ask, about 1km ... errrr that's okay .. reckon I got that covered ....

Foot soak and nap time, followed by a foot rub and dinner ... and a slap of myself.  I hope tomorrow is better, I am hurting again for the first time, in what feels like a long time.  25km tomorrow ... through to Palais de Rei.

this too shall pass ..

x- CBT

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