Monday, 10 August 2015

Changi airport ... it's own destination ...

Most of you will know how much I Singapore ..  for those that have never been .. it is tiny ... but extraordinary ...  so well planned and organised that despite the limited space, it feels so much bigger than it is ... full of gardens, super clean, never a hold up in traffic, cosmopolitian, wonderful food, multicultural, superb architecture, superb design, movable runways, floating F1 tracks, sentosa, amazing history, warmth, pride etc ..  add to that ... knowing some awesome folk that live there ... 
it can be easily forgotten that there is a destination, within this destination ...  Changi airport ...  Huh !??  too true ... I always try and stop over for a night or a few hours in Singapore ..  just to hang out at the airport !! (sorry team sinkers especially M & L , trips are not really to see you ...  !^$!*). 
The airport is about a 20 minute ride from the CBD and only £5 or $12 AUD in a cab ...  made up of 3 terminals (4th being built) with the free skytrain running between terminals every 3 minutes ...  so I am sure you can look up easily what to do in sinkers .. as an alternative, below is my run down of why spend time at the airport ...  before that ...  maybe I should add tip #1 .....  make time to talk to a stranger…
Singapore airport travel tips...

  • early check in desks - most airports and airlines only open their check in desks 2-3 hours before the flight ...  at Singapore there is early check in everywhere so you can take advantage of all the airport goodness up a few hours early, check your luggage in and spend a day or even two at the airport

  • free tours through Singapore - yep, if you land and are waiting for a transit flight, you can have a free tour of Singapore..  private tour on a bus | coach a day and night tour ...  for around 3-5 hours seeing all the key sites in Singapore with an English speaking guide (check out the Singapore tours desk)

  • sunflower garden - visit a whole garden dedicated to sunflowers

  • Visit the private music booths ....  where you can spend a few hours listening to

  • rooftop pool - yep, you can even take some time to pop along and have a swim in the sun to refresh ...

  • the shopping - by far the BEST airport shopping and best discounted shopping ever encountered ...  surpasses even Dubai

  • the cultural education - throughout the whole airport are mini museums providing education and understanding of the history of Singapore and surrounds

  • free movies - for those that have checked in, or in transit there are cinemas in the terminals that offer all the latest releases for free

  • airport hotel - inside the airport where you can rent rooms by the hour..  (not that kind) or overnight .... take advantage of this ...  an absolute bargain

  • massage - foot reflexology terminal 3 (do more than just reflexology) the massages here are the BEST in the world ..  (trust me, I have had alot) ..  I go to the airport for these massages alone ... try the 90 minute aromatherapy and oil, with body scrub and shower for around $100SD ... and the 60 minute reflexology ... (if not there, are multiple other massages places to keep you relaxed)

  • Visit the gaming centre for free - where there are multiple things to keep you busy

  • free wifi and internet lounges - everywhere

  • the koi pond and garden - visit a garden where you can relax and view singapores most prized fish

  • free massage chairs ...  most places charge ... everywhere in the airport you can sit down and take advantage of these chairs

  • snooze lounge - the only airport I know that has lounges set up with beds for free where you can take a nap, and plug in your laptop phone for a free charge

  • free TV - parked around all the major eateries are super comfy chairs, with access to recharge your technology, as you watch TV, documentaries, movies and have a wine, whilst you listen through speakers in your chairs

  • butterfly enclosure - not for me ... I hate moths and butterflies ...  but you are free to experience many types of butterflies in one of the worlds largest enclosures

  • visit the orchid garden - one of the most beautiful gardens to experience

  • kinetic rain - an amazing art display featuring movable silver rain drops

  • the worlds largest slide - true, take a ride ...

  • and if you can't be bothered to remember all that - grab one of the free customer experience agents - who will show you all this and more ...  and guess what …  for free !!
but you know the best bit …   you get to meet the most wonderful people, with the most heartwarming stories while waiting to check in, more of that later …
stay safe ...

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