Monday, 16 May 2016

it's been a long day (without you my friends)

it's been a long day ... more detailed update to follow tomorrow ... lots of texts and emails about what I am carrying ... so little summary here ...

the bulk of my luggage is being transported between accommodation, thanks to the wonderful team @ which means I only have to carry a day pack ..

todays included .. (advised the basics)

First aid kit (someone really needs to review what goes into these things) | 2 x blister packs |energy bars x 4 | 3 litres of water | extra meds kit (kidney, ventolin, neuros, panadol, antihistamine, imodium, hydrocortisone cream) | sunscreen |foldable raincoat & poncho |walking poles |sweater |scissors |she pee |flip flops |headlamp| spare breathable undies | phones x 2 (needed for camera battery life) | NGS porta charger (needed for battery life) |wifivox portable wifi |merino socks x 2 | lip balm x 2  | passport  | purse (credit cards, license, change) | camino needs ( maps, hotel vouchers, espana to english guide) | wet wipes | all-purpose chamois towel | note pad | pen

= 20L pack incl 3L water hydration bladder = carrying 11 kilos

going to have to dump some stuff ... 

xx - exhausted - CBT

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