Sunday, 22 May 2016

Hola .. Bonjour .. Salve ... Yassou

Almost half the way through ...  I can't believe it .. 

After the crazy moutain walk, I woke in leg pain. I have learnt you have to push through it. I had also forgotten to stretch out before and after, bad move, stopping makes it worse.

Put off, the rest day ... and did 5 hours today, walking with JP from Paris, who I met at breakfast, where I found myself translating what he wanted, to our Colombian waiter (who speaks spanish but with completely different inflections ... that JP did not understand).

I also can't believe how much my previous travel has helped this experience, especially the 8 weeks spent years ago in Colombia, which made me a great friend of our waiter, and the amount of time I have previously spent in Spain, South America and France.

His English is far better than my French, and he speaks 4 languages, which gave me a great chance to practice. 

Funny day as we both kept introducing eachother to people we bumped into, that we had previously met on this walk, I was actually slightly embarrased when we came across Aussie Michael, who seems to think that all Australian men, are the most alluring in the world, and that every women should be throwing themselves at them.

JP made this section, far easier than planned, as we spent time practising language, singing (amazing how songs can teach language, why did I not learn more about that in TEFL)?

God bless his cotton socks, he also spent over an hour changing my insoles and rubbing my hips and shins.

As he walks faster than me, I either have to dump him as a walking partner, or he has to slow down.

taking a day off tomorrow ..

CBT - x

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