Thursday, 15 December 2011

I crap myself on a ferris wheel, but Sugarloaf is a breeze !

Life is good.  Popped along to Rios biggest market (16 blocks), all home made goods and crafts.  I wanted to buy sooo much to a) support the locals b) some of the stuff is amazing, but I am on the road now and suitcase space is limited. 

Following the market, off to Sugarloaf mountain, the cable cars are split into two journeys, and believe me they are  freakin’ high!  Yet I felt completely calm about the ride.  Now given three week earlier I closed my eyes on the Hyde Park winter wonderland ferris wheel, I am starting to think I need to talk to someone. 

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I preferred this to Christ the Redeemer, feels slightly more natural (and you can actually see Christ the Redeemer from Sugarloaf).  I witnessed the oddest sight of the clouds slowly encompassing the statue and then disappearing, extremely eerie.  Back to the hotel to check out. Moving to copocabana, just so I can say I stayed there … although the beaches are linked, and actually Ipanema is nicer, and Ipanema is really the hottest place north of Havana.  Phone message at hotel from Sergio, if I wanna catch up tomorrow.  Change of hotels, right on the beach 13th floor, direct views down to Copacabana, spent the evening in the pool / on the balcony watching the nightlife of Copacabana.  (when I say evening that starts at about 11pm) …

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