Saturday, 10 December 2011

Delta Parana – Tigre and my bird flu

On advice from the hotel (kudos given they earn $ from selling tours) I hired a jeep wrangler through the hotel (yeah I know CBT favourite means of travelling transport) … and took a drive to Tigre to canoe on the Delta Parana.  Lots of folk offer tours for this but do it yourself, as the tours are way too structured.  Pics here ... Delta Parana

The drive was about two hours as I took my time driving past Christina’s’ house (la presidento) she gets the helicopter to work, past San Isidro beautiful little town with a great market, restaurants and chapel, full of amazing architecture, down to Tigre (where almost the entire town has developed from peoples businesses on the Delta Parana). Tigre is full of homes selling wicker furniture and baskets etc ..  arrived at Tigre and through contacts at the hotel, found a guy that took me to a spot where we could canoe …( I say canoe it was kinda’ different)..  I had been on the boat for less than two minutes when a friggin’ bird did the biggest pooh all down the side of my face and arm, given the size of the pooh this bird must have been = in size to an emu …  given I watched ‘Contagion’ on the way over I was slightly disturbed.  The delta is filthy and it is extraordinary to see the businesses, homes being run from the edges of it.  You have to get past the tourism bit and see it for real.  The folk are so welcoming, sharing food, communicating with pictures and puppet shapes, so you can understand each other .. not so funny though was when the cheeky monkeys overturned my wooden boat thing as I headed off, leaving me to row back full of mud and muck in sweltering heat .. (actually as I type maybe it kept me cool)..

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